Minecraft and Virtual World Resources

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Curated by Dr. Valerie Hill and Beth S. O’Connell

March 2016

Updated by Beth S. O’Connell, June 2016


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Discord – free voice and text chat for gamers. (2016, June). Retrieved from https://discordapp.com (Minecraft does not support voice, but Discord is an easy way to talk while playing. Supports more than 10 users, unlike Google Hangouts.)

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Minecraft home. (2016, March). Retrieved from https://minecraft.net/en/ (Purchase Minecraft here for a one-time fee of $26.95 USD)

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Minecraft: Education Edition. (2016, June). Retrieved from http://education.minecraft.net/ (Qualified educators may purchase this here; also find lesson resources and help)

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Lesson Ideas

Great Minecraft lesson plans. (2016, June). Retrieved from https://www.graphite.org/blog/great-minecraft-lesson-plans#/great-minecraft-lesson-plans

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East Coast Miners. (2016, June). Retrieved from http://www.eastcoastminers.org/ (“​The East Coast Miners Guild is designed for creative kids ​aged 16 and under with a passion for building and learning. This Minecraft Community is operated by two educators and one geek (engineer) in the hopes to enrich STEAM skills *science, technology, engineering, art and math* as well as communication and collaboration skills.”)

Massively @ Jokaydia Guild Website. (2016, June). Retrieved from http://massively.jokaydia.com/ (“…a community supported by jokaydia.com which provides kids and parents with game-based spaces to learn, collaborate, and play!”)

The Minecraft Experience. (2016, June). Retrieved from http://www.minecraftexperience.net/ (“…a global crowd sourced wiki curated by Bron Stuckey and educators around the world to map the genome of Minecraft in learning.”)